Here are a few of my clients/patients commenting on my service.

Megan Saydah Wrote:

Catherine Hunt has been my son's speech therapist since May of 2007. My son was 2 years old when she started working with him, and since she started working with my son I have seen drastic improvements in his speech and overall ability to communicate. Catherine consistently demonstrates the patience and focus necessary for working with energetic children such as my son. She was able to redirect his attention and help him focus. Catherine is very conscientious, professional, and realiable. My son Jacob and I will miss her. I strongly recommend Catherine for any speech therapy position.


Megan Saydah

Shannon K. Harper Wrote:

Catherine Hunt has been providing speech-language therapy services for my 3 year old daughter for over a year. During this time Mrs. Hunt has given my child superior service, demonstrated a high level of commitment to my child's success and has always exceeded her professional responsibilities. Some examples of Mrs. Hunt's commitment to her students include exploring a wide range of teaching strategies to try to meet my daughters need. Whether changing the tempo of instruction, bringing client specific items for instructional play or even the simple things like getting flavored tongue depressors, Mrs. Hunt is always looking for that extra advantage to be a successful partner.

When you are receiving government provided services the stories of long waits and "lost forms" are a constant subject of conversation with other parents. Our experience with Mrs. Hunt has been nothing but positive. Mrs. Hunt has always been on time for services and very well prepared. We never had that "oh I forgot" conversation and the occasional phone call about a change in schedule were always several days before the appointment. Mrs. Hunt also provided reference papers and reports about my daughter anytime we needed them for meetings with other providers of her education. My families experience with Mrs. Hunt has been positive and rewarding and I feel my daughter has made significant progress under Mrs. Hunt's supervision and I would highly recommend her to any family needing speech service.

Thank You,

Shannon Harper

Sarai Lopez Wrote:

This letter is being made for Catherine Hunt to use as a form of recommendation. I would first like to start off by saying thank you Mrs. Hunt for all the help you provided my son Ralph for his speech therapy. With out your help I don't believe my son would be capable of speaking and pronouncing words properly due to his young age mixed with all his ear infections he always seems to be getting. I have been told by doctors to help his infections I needed to put tubes in his ears. But there was a chance it could hurt his pronouncation of words. So once again thanks to you, he does not have that problem. Some things I would like to point out about Mrs. Hunt is how good of a relationship she was able to build up with my son. My son sees her as a teacher and a friend, which allows Mrs. Hunt  to do her job very well. Mrs. Hunt  always had patience with my son, she took time to not only help him, but to improve his speech at his own rate, without over doing it or forcing him to feel uncomfortable. Mrs. Hunt is well organized and reliable, if she said something she was always there to deliver. One of things I liked was how well she was able to communicate with me, the parent about possible problems and the steps we could take to maximize my sons therapy.

I highly recommend Mrs. Catherine Hunt to anyone without a second thought due to all the help she has given to my son and to how understanding she has been with me, the parent.


Sarai Lopez

Bonnie Waldrop Wrote:

I just wanted to thank you for your work with Caden. Although you were not his Speech Therapist for long, you made quite the impression! I loved how you dove right in and went to work. His drooling was at the  least amount it has ever been while you were treating him. Even though Caden didn't always appreciate your hands on approach-it was exactly what he needed! And I so appreciate all the hints and education you provided for me - these are things I am still using to benefit him. Thanks for being so knowledgeable, thorough, conscientious, and professional - everything we needed in a therapist. You are awesome! Long live the oral motor queen!!!!!


Bonnie Waldrop